Hi, I am Nenad
Full-stack Developer
Yes! I code and design


ince I was a little kid – 13 years old, I really wanted to know how to make a digital image, not a photograph. “How is an image created” – it was very interesting topic that made me thinking. After some time I’ve discovered Photoshop and realised – this must be how images are being made and put on TV commercials, billboards, magazines, etc. Well non-the less I was right! Maybe tho people used alternatives such as Gimp or Corel Draw, but I did not know any of those at a time.

It was very difficult to work with “Photoshop CS2”, but I never gave up on it. I continued testing things and playing with each tool until I figured what each one does and what I could potentially use it for. My mind was blown away when I discovered what is “Image Manipulation”. I started with smaller stuff in the beginning, such as forum signatures, avatars… But after short period of time, I started making desktop wallpapers. That was a big deal for me, as it was something I always wanted to do. As I was still going to school I did not find much time to work with Photoshop and study simultaneously and I also had to play some games. World of Warcraft became my addiction in 2004/2005 (not exactly sure). So that’s kind of how it all started. After 4-5 years of experiance in Photoshop, I started learning a bit about coding (HTML/CSS). That was even harder to learn on my own. I had a friend from Afghanistan who tried to assist me and teach me some stuff to begin with, but it was all nothing but a headache for me. I gave up, I must say; but not completely. I never give up completely on anything, but I make a pause and when I feel comfortable, I continue learning and everything goes much smoother.

Yes, I am kind of writing a whole life story, but I guess that’s okay. Illustrator came recently on my mind, as it is very handy tool for Web Design. I don’t know to draw, to be honest (I suck at it), but I can draw shapes and logos. SVG is the shit today and I always use it, especially for logos.

I don’t know exactly how much experience I have in Design and Development (how many years), but I know it’s a lot. I improve myself on daily bases and I don’t want to ever stop learning. I never worked for an company before, until recently. I started working on February 1, 2014 as a Front-end Developer for FileIce LLC, which is a company for Internet Marketing (PPD to be specific). I am working remotely (from home) and I feel good about it. I wish to work for one of the big companies someday such as Facebook or Google, but hey it’s just a big dream that might come true some day…

What else do I do, beside learning more every day about coding… Well, that’s pretty much it or not really. I’ve never been a party person, but I do play games. I had Playstation, but I had to sell it to buy new speakers. So at this point, I only play online games from time to time with my friends on Steam. Unfortunately there are not as many games for OS X on Steam, that I’d like to play, but I don’t want to install Windows ever. I’ve used Windows in the past for so many years and believe me, once you switch to OS X and start using it on daily bases, there’s no going back.

I am a person who accomplish something new everyday and I enjoy doing what I do.

Task Runners (NPM/Gulp)
Package Managers (Bower/Composer)
CSS pre-processors (SASS)
Internet Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation (on-page)

Okay, now open your mind up and listen me, Nenad
I am your conscience, if you do not hear me, then you will be history, Nenad
I know that you’re nauseous right now and I’m hopin’ to lead you to victory, Nenad

Kendrick Lamar.